Isnaj Dui – Protective Displacement

Free Download at

The flute is an instrument that conjures up an eastern flavour, scenery of tranquil yet at times turbulent and jilted journeys. Flautist Katie English defies the stereotypical flute sound and reaches deep into the depths of her main instrument, pushing its boundaries as far as sound can take it. This is one thing about innovative artists that flaw me, the ability and desire to push as far as they can. Isnaj Dui does this throughout this track, layering her flute into lush, angelic swells. The single track which runs for just under 20 minutes flows enigmatically for the first 9 minutes until the sombre sounds begin to fade. The fade away caught me off guard as I just didn’t want the sound to end, little did I know I was only half way through the track itself and as clockwork ticks away I’m swept into the second phase of the song. This EP was released as 1/3 of the Rural Colours subscription pack 6 and is now sold out on 3″ cdr. However, there is a free digital download available at the above link.

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