Leonardo Rosado – for r


Leonardo Rosado’s latest release ‘for r’ is out on the Relaxed Machinery label, I wrote the release notes for this fine piece of work and I urge you to check it out.

The title ‘for r’ would suggest a work being dedicated to something or someone and on the surface it appears to be a vague and ambiguous bestowment. Leonardo Rosado chooses not to define what or who ‘r’ may be, however, after spending much time with the three tracks contained within I have come to love the mystery that the title embodies.
Listening to the sounds within is awe inspiring and thus Rosado’s patience while constructing these brooding, spacious and fluid pieces is to be praised. A spectrum of emotions flow from the music conjuring childlike imagery with echoing bells, deep unease via augmented drones and bass frequencies, and a wonderful sense of acceptance through the warmth and fragility of the sounds.

Rosado’s strength is his undeniable sense of depth, combining organic sounds of water, experimental percussion, shuffling and friction with processed and controlled drones all culminating in a wonderfully balanced form. The synthesis of nature and technology present here is what makes these recordings so rewarding time and time again.
Regardless of the ambiguity the title presents, Leonardo Rosado makes a poignant dedication, a dedication that not only celebrates the warmth in life and the beauty we are given, but also the darkness, the unpredictability and the ugly facets of existence.

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