D_rradio – Seasons

Download @ Bandcamp

Waiting in the mail for me today was the fifth Rural Colours subscription pack, naturally excitement ensued. The highly personal monthly editions are sent out all over the world in a very limited run and contain an incredible selection of music. Last month I reviewed the whole pack which included three stela releases, this months pack followed suit with an astounding mix of colourful and touching music. Here I will tell you a little bit about the first 3″ Cdr in the latest Rural Colours pack as it is a stunningly beautiful release that made me sit back and stop what I was doing.

I have not had any other exposure to D_rradio (pronounced Death row radio) but now I am actively seeking out their back catalogue. Seasons traverses through, you guessed it, each season of the year. Four tracks of around five minutes in length are exquisitely presented. Orchestral and rich in nature, each season presents its own aura from Winter’s melancholy to Summer’s joyousness and everything in between. The use of lush string loops rising and falling, reaching out to touch you and then drifting away paint an atmosphere that is highly romantic, coupled with subtle bells and understated horns (I think there are horns). I cannot recommend this highly enough.

2 Responses to “D_rradio – Seasons”
  1. Had a listen at Bandcamp, very nice!

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