Interview: Iròi

Download (Pay what you want) @ 42 records Bandcamp

Iròi released Where you were now in September on the 42 Records netlabel, the album melds together a number of genre’s, most notably post-rock and electronic which culminates in an epic sounding release featuring guest artists and vocalists. Pietro, the man behind the music was kind enough to answer some questions for Whatever Takes Your Fancy…

Can you explain why you chose the name Iroi?

“Iròi” was my battle’s name when i was 19 in Dungeons & Dragons. I decided to use it for my musical project because i like how it sounds, but there isn’t a true meaning. Although in my local language “Iroi” sounds like “Hero”.

Who are your main influences when it comes to your music?

There were many influences meanwhile i composed “Where you were now”. Dntel, Morr Music roster, Telefon Tel Aviv, Cinematic Orchestra, Debussy and many bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. There’s also the Italian post-rock band called Giardini di Mirò, some of them collaborated with me for the realisation of my album.

What was the inspiration for your latest release?

When i started to compose my album i didn’t figure out what i want to do with my music. Only after, re-listening the finished album, I realized that the album was a truly radiography of a period of my life. This album is the result of a work very instinctive.

The Iroi sound is often very big and epic sounding, and very dense – could you expand on the creative process in making this record?

I don’t use the same method ever. Sometimes I can start to work by a sound or by a simple melody. Instead for the sound, i guess it’s clear that post-rock and shoegaze influenced me a lot for this work. I like sounds explosions, wrapping spaces, as though you could be diving to the inside.

On the new album you work with a few vocalists, is it difficult to find the right voice for your music?

It’s not easy, because every time is an attempt. At the beginning you never know if the collaboration will be fine, especially if you work for the featuring only by internet. For “Where you were now” I was lucky because i collaborated with vocalists who are very good artists. I’m very satisfied of the final result.

The cover photo for “Where You Were Now” is very beautiful – how long did it take to settle on something to be the face of this release?

Sic et Simpliciter is a design studio that works with me for the graphic side of my project. The studio suggested me Chiara Balza‘s works, then we chose the final cover from 6 purposes cause it seemed more consistent with the sound.

You chose to release “Where You Were Now” as a pay what you want download, why did you go in this direction?

“Pay what you want” download is not my decision but it came from my label, 42 records and from 24, the related Netlabel who releases every month an album in this way. It’s not easy to find in stores albums like mine and putting it online gives a lot of people the opportunity to listen to it.

What is your favourite instrument and why?

My favourite instrument is piano, even if I don’t play it, because the most beautiful compositions I’ve ever heard came out from this instrument. In addition to this my first musical memory is a music-box of Beethoven’s “For Elise” going on and on.

Do you listen to much classical music these days? If yes, who are your favourite composers?

I’m not truly a fan of classical music but in addition to Debussy, as I wrote, I like Ravel. Now I’m listening to the Estonian composer Arvo Part, especially his album “Tabula Rasa”, simply great.

Lastly, any music recommendations for WTYF readers?

In these days i listen Colophon (project of one of The Alps member), reprinted this year by Flau. Then I would suggest Khonnor, who is influencing me a lot, and obviously the Italian projects of the vocalists that worked with me: TellaroGirl with the gun and Giardini di Mirò. They all are Italian bands with a great sound. Enjoy!

Where You Were Now is out on 42 records, head to the link under the cover art for a pay what you want download!

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