Shigeto – Full Circle

Shigeto is creating just a ripple of stir with his previous two EP’s and his debut full length, Full Circle. Although, judging by the fact this record is now in the top 25 electronic releases on Itunes it would be more appropriate to call it a wave of hype. Is this hype justified? A resounding yes is the answer here.

Whether it is the infectious beats that beg you to clap along (see Escape from the Incubator), the biggest drop of bass on ANn Arbour 2 or the wistful groove Shigeto places you in on Look at all the Smiling Faces you cannot deny what Shigeto has created. Full of brainfeeder-esque beats, 8-bit chaos, jazzy percussion and a tinge of eastern flare there is something to touch bases with everyone throughout the album.

Characterized by the chaotic but always measured sound, Shigeto focuses on pleasing the listener with constant changes with sawtooth synths and triumphant depth with field recordings and vocal samples. Headphones will aid a lot with the album, completing the listening experience. Check it out over ta the Ghostly store, show some love for this talent.

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