The Dwindlers – Dreams

Download “Dreams” for free from Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop Label has this brilliant way of approaching music and its releases, and for the listener of their artists music you cannot help but keep coming back every time something new from this label emerges. Not only is the music pushing the boundaries it will always keep you guessing, and this release by The Dwindlers is a prime example of this.

Benjamin Dauer composes all the music on the four tracks for Michelle Seaman’s smooth and sultry poetry. Yes, this is jazz tinged spoken word. I must admit my experience with spoken word has been limited to only a few releases, however I strongly believe I am now converted. Dreams covers four separate stories told by Michelle and backed by an assortment of instruments played by Benjamin including bass, piano, drums, keys and guitar (I think???).

I want to single out the best bits but it is all of very high quality, however the facets I enjoy the most are Benjamins Bass, which is thick and low, while his drumming is measured, precise and very jazzy. Michelle, however, makes this recording what it is. Whether it is her intimate description of a dance unfolding between two lovers, or the smoky tale of death enveloping a couple of card sharks you cannot resist her voice.

The Dwindlers have created something special here, and adds yet another strong release to the Feedback Loop Label catalogue.

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