The Holidays – Post Paradise


There is a ridiculous amount of hype being built around this band from Sydney, Australia. The amount of hyperbole spewing from journos mouths was off putting, to the point of me not even wanting to check this out (what a music snob, i know)! Regardless, I have succumbed to the words printed on pages and online and have given The Holidays Post Paradise a shot.

I can say that for the most part this record is pretty damn good. The Holidays have successfully adopted the tropical indie feel that has swept over the world like waves over grains of sand, and added their own personal touch to it. Although not original they combine a number of elements from other bands that meld well together, and present an album with varied themes that please the ear.

First off, you can’t make a quintessential summer indie pop record without steel pans, and I’m fairly sure The Holidays have nailed that down fair well with them appearing literally in the first few seconds of opener Heavy Feathers and continuing throughout the album. The instrument creates that tropical feel of warm sun combined with breezy vocals and swirling synths in the background. The drums are heavily tribal in nature and in some instances minimal with congas on the inventively named track conga.

Essentially what you have here is an album that’s locked into something infectious and for the most part doesn’t let up with these themes, which is great. The pop structures are catchy and stick in your head. However, this album is not perfect like everyone has been telling you, and why should it be? I mean I saw one guy give this album 5 stars? It doesn’t warrant that kind of score in my opinion. At times you can’t help but think Passion Pit Lite (see Broken Bones) or Yeasayer’s little cousin (see closer A Million Eyes whose drums resemble the bounce of Ambling Alp). These songs are still enjoyable, but if I wanted to listen to a better version of them I’d just head to the aforementioned reference points themselves.

The Holidays have created a very nice summary album in Post Paradise. It is for the most part an enjoyable, feel good indie pop album that will keep you coming back to it – flaws and all.

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