Rural Colours Subscription Pack 4 – Jasper TX/Guy Gelem/Zvuku

I feel very lucky, for many reasons, to be reviewing this extremely beautiful and elegantly presented subscription pack by Rural Colours. Subscription pack 4, released this October in a run of 48 hand crafted packages contains three glistening pieces of music created for the discerning ear and presented with a whole lot of care. Visually the package is of high standard, the three 3″cdrs are housed in their own artwork cases which are protected by plastic slip envelopes, these are found within a hand stitched fabric case and fit snug inside. In addition to the three cdr’s is a small Rural Colours Sticker and an accompanying photograph with release details on the reverse stating the artists, EP titles and the numbered, personally addressed note.

From a package this visually appealing you would expect nothing less from the sounds contained within. The first release in subscription pack 4 is Jasper Tx’s Mute Harbour. Gracing the cover is a 4wd on a hazy beach, and the drones that make up Part 1 and Part 2 of this release would suggest something of a hazy morning at the beach. Part 1 burns along with ease passing through 7 minutes of light ambience that teases the ear. Part 2 closes Mute Harbour in a rising cacophony that crescendos with bells and chimes.

The second release belongs to Guy Gelem entitled Slow Forms. It is nice that Rural Colours have carefully selected their releases in each pack, as Guy Gelem presents a drastically different aesthetic to Jasper TX’s ambient driven works with modern classical bordering on post-rock territory. Guy Gelem ruminates on the solemnity of the cello and its aggresive antithesis the guitar. A strength of Gelem is his boundless bravado in pushing the limits, especially on End with haunting cello, water sounds and memorable drones – transforming this formidably modern classical release into something original and daring.

Closing subscription pack 4 is Zvuku’s Half Full, an almost 20 minute stretch of ambient classical music swelling on dense piano chords, sweeping strings and enveloping textures. While the build takes some time it is worth it right to the very end, when deep bass notes intertwine with the preceding themes creating a pleasurable close to this stellar release. Rural Colours subscription pack 4, released in a limited run of 48 could not be more special, and one can only look forward to the coming months.

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