Freaks in the Wild – Wouldn’t it be Strange…

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For the last few weeks I have been knee-deep in netlabel releases, ambient soundscapes, electronic bleeps, modern classical escapades and everything that falls under that umbrella. So when I tuned in Freaks in the Wild I really had to switch my mindset into this style of music, and I am glad I did. I’ll start off with a little anecdote if I may.

Do you remember that episode in the US version of The Office, when Michael Scott is going for the job at corporate (end of season three for you non-Office junkies), the part when Michael is being interviewed and is asked to give all his strengths, but instead Michael tells the CFO his weaknesses (guised as strengths)? Well, this album is full of weaknesses that are, interestingly, strengths. I’ve probably lost you now, but please read on so I can describe further…

Firstly, this record is totally self-recorded in an apartment and you can hear this (and see it on their website). However it is something I really enjoy about it, the rawness is great and reminds me of when I saw plenty of Japanese garage punk bands back in the day, but it’s also not bad quality, it retains the nice charm without leaving you wanting to cleanse your ears out.

Secondly, the band have this tendency to be slightly off with their instruments which to me is extremely fresh. Some solos will leave lots of questions to be answered, but they are enjoyable. In saying this however, my non-musical abilities tell me the drummer has some nice chops, and the vocalist has this delectable Temper Trap thing going on but with a lot more conviction – using his voice as a desperate instrument in opener Fangs rather than as a tool to generate any syntax from one ear to the other.

Closer Make Rocket Go Finally threw me off and the 10 minutes of noise raises the question whether it may have just been better to close with another quality 5-6 minute burner – but props go out to Freaks in the Wild for providing me with 30 minutes of engagingly fresh and aggressive (but beautiful at times…) experimental noise rock.

One Response to “Freaks in the Wild – Wouldn’t it be Strange…”
  1. icastico says:

    Nice find. Good stuff.
    I continue to say, the best music in the world is on Bandcamp.

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