Feedback Loop Inaugural Podcast

I was approached by Feedback Loop Netlabel founder Leonardo Rosado recently and he asked me if I would like to create a monthly Feedback Loop Podcast, focusing on creative commons music from around the globe. Naturally I agreed and jumped at this wonderful opportunity and today the inaugural Feedback Loop podcast is released. I would write a lot of words regarding the music contained within but I think it is really a podcast where the music speaks for itself. So, make 40 minutes in your day to sit back and enjoy a mix by a number of extremely dedicated and quality artists, you can find the direct link to the Feedback Loop mixcloud to the right or, if you’d prefer, you can listen below in the embedded player 😀


5 Responses to “Feedback Loop Inaugural Podcast”
  1. Hi Alex,

    Technically challenged, I find myself wanting to listen but unable to work out how, on our preposterously slow Satellite Internet Connection, I can.

    L keep getting hit with mucho buffering! Any suggestions??

    • Alex says:

      The file is rather large (90mb) – I can make a copy for you if you’d like? send it over?

      • Would be cool, thanks Alex. So, how can we help promote WTYF? Perhaps some embedded links on both our web sites?? I’m currently averaging 12,000 per month for Mechanarchy and Kris is sitting on about 30,000 per month. Do you have a WTYF Page on FB?

  2. Alex says:

    Sounds like a great idea, i am yet to create a WTYF facebook…perhaps i should to catch up with the times 😛 I’m creating a “WTYF Friends Collective” page here to list collaboraters/friends of the site along with the front page links. I’ll contact you with a facebook page link soon.

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