Asfandyar Khan – Snow Makes Things Perfect


The second time I flew to Japan I remember waking up mid-flight and we were obviously above the clouds and the sun was setting above the masses of white. This image has stayed with me ever since that flight, an image of almost pure beauty, as if no other particle had touched what I’d sore – just one energy source and a blanket of white for beams to reflect off of. Looking at Asfandyar Khan’s album cover I get that same feeling again, and as an added bonus the music contained within is equally as stunning.

Khan creates his soundscapes with guitar and programming, building an environment where things are both fragile and beautiful. One only need listen to the field recording in Hello, Morocco to understand the connection with fragility as a woman explains the expensiveness of something as basic as honey. The words are set to plaintive washes of guitar, engrossing the listener with warmth. While moments of beauty are frequent on this record, so to is darkness, with the final minutes of North Sea Troubadour presenting an unsettling and nerving way to close out this wonderful release.

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