“These are my music choices” – A comment on a recent article in The Advertiser

Before we begin, let’s set it all out on the table here – The Advertiser (A local newspaper in Adelaide) is not an entirely credible source of news, nor is it known for its astounding journalism. I was reading said newspaper the other day while waiting for some friends in my university cafeteria and one article stood out like a sore thumb. This article, written by music journo Sam Kelton, highlighted The Advertiser’s poor music journalism, but also plain stupidity when it comes to reporting facts. Let’s get into this article a bit so you know what I’m talking about.

The article entitled “These are my music choices” regurgitates a survey conducted by Myspace, you know, that website from..5 years ago that had music on it for artists. According to this article myspace had the top 5 music journos compile shortlists of popular artists and had myspace users vote for who their favourite artists. The shortlists were divided into five categories and given 25 artists each (for example, a band category which was made up of AC/DC, U2, Guns and Roses and pretty much any other generic rock act that springs to your mind). I am already seeing issues here.

Now, apart from the obviously flawed process that the survey purvey above, I have graver concerns. Reading on in the article Sam Kelton goes on to quote Myspace Australia content Manager Dan Stapleton who says,

These results demonstrate just how diverse MySpace‘s user base is, and highlights MySpace as an entertainment destination that caters to all tastes in music

My first issue is that I’m sure it does not demonstrate at all how diverse myspace’s user base is. You have simply given them a small number of artists to vote for and do not present a wide, diverse and all-encompassing range of artists at all. Secondly, are we really writing music journalism with integrity here? Or is this just a shameless promotional plug for Myspace (Which, coincidentally, falls under the same company that The Advertiser does – Newscorp).

Congratulations Sam and The Advertiser, you are slowly dumbing down the public’s perception of music. Thankfully I, and many others are here to combat your mindless promotion of ‘diverse’ music.



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