Hakobune – Isohel

Hibernate Recordings

This came in the mail a while ago but I haven’t gotten around to writing about it, which is a shame really because it is a wonderful little release. For me, half the experience of new music (ok, maybe 2/5’s of the experience) is the act of unfolding and opening what you are about to listen to. Let’s face it, sex is no good without the foreplay, so why should our thirst for music be any different? Carefully tearing open the mail packaging reveals a tiny white envelope, satin in texture and wonderful to touch. The envelope emblazoned with ‘isohel’ printed in dark black ink hugs what is inside tightly. Flipping the small envelope over reveals a Hibernate Recordings sticker seal enclosing the housing, dislodging it enables the envelope to unfold and reveal a small fold out, elegantly printed with flowers attempting to resist the winds kiss. The 3″ cdr inside, plain white with black typeface is housed to the right, with panoramic photos across the card and EP details contained to the left. This was only 2/5’s of the experience to be had with this EP.

Isohel creates warm drones with his electric guitar, the EP art suggests that there isn’t much sun around, but there is warmth in these drones. Late Autumn suggests the weather is pleasant, running at 15 minutes and addressing ebbs and flows in long form helps with the autumn mood. The nice thing about this track is when you start to feel you’re becoming familiar with it, it evolves, it makes the most subtle change. Closing the EP is Late Spring, a 5 minute drone that hints at new beginnings – warm drones, my favourite, weave in and out of consciousness effortlessly – until you find yourself back at the beginning.

Much care went into this album, in all respects, and from all the people involved. Be sure to check out Hibernate recordings and their artists, for they really do know how to create the perfect music listening experience – from every artistic angle.

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