The Woods – The EP Logue

The Woods Website

Stumbling across small bands with their little pockets of gold is quite nice, and this is what happened to me today when I clicked on a link thinking this group was another group. The Woods have a full length, but it is on Itunes and I cannot get it – so I’ve sought after the next best thing. This EP is available as a free download through their website so pick it up when you get the chance.

The music contained within contains enough hooks and moments to warrant expansion to a full album, instead The Woods decide not to flesh out these poignant ideas and keep them short and oh so sweet. For twelve minutes you can just sit back and let the songs sway by you, each flowing into the other with breathy vocal harmonies, smooth acoustic guitars, quirky keys and a wistful ambience that lulls and attracts at the same time.  A flute beckons in Place 1 with swirling electronics in the background before it changes quickly into soft balladry and then again to a piano laden, organ tinged swagger. The shifts are frequent and sometimes unexpected – and makes you really wish they fleshed out the wonderful ideas cropping up all over the place…maybe that will come in the next release.

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