Fabrizio Paterlini – Fragments Found

Here is the press release for Fabrizio Paterlini’s forthcoming full length, Fragments Found – released October 29!


MANTOVA (Italy) – September 18, 2010 – The Italian neo-classical pianist and composer Fabrizio
Paterlini (http://www.fabriziopaterlini.com) will be releasing his third full solo piano album “Fragments Found” on October 29, 2010.

Almost one year after the crowd-founded “Viandanze” release, Fabrizio Paterlini comes back with new a full length digital album, “Fragments found”, the first of a two album set (the second one will be issued in 2011).

Focusing even more on the quality and the warmth of his grand piano sound (edited, once again, by the well know Italian producer and musician Carlo Cantini), Paterlini presents 10 delicate piano compositions, carefully selecting from songs written while releasing his “Viandanze” album and brand new music which will be introducing the listeners to new sound fields the Italian pianist is currently exploring.

Fabrizio Paterlini is an Italian neo-classical pianist and composer. After releasing his first album “Viaggi in aeromobile” in 2007 on an independent Italian label, he founded his own imprint in 2009 and issued, the same year, his second work “Viandanze”.


I am excited for this one!

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