Ldetm – Farewell

Feedback Loop


Once again, Feedback Loop finds us some tangential genius of modern music. For the netlabels September release patient listeners are treated to a glimpse into an unfolding layered landscape. Only with repeated listens does Ldetm’s Farewell EP take form.

The main instrument in question is guitar, played sparsely with hints to a middle eastern improvisation in Sunday Sun backed by unforgiving electronics. The two elements are married together throughout the short EP, reminding us of the beauty in disjointed musical architecture. Calling God on His Mobile sounds as if it was recorded in a hangar, with pressing percussion bouncing off the walls and a smooth bass line bonding all the disquiet sounds and holding a connection with the listener until a guitar drifts into the forefront, begging for attention.

Much like the EP’s cover you are left searching for a speck of semblance between the nature of what is real and what is manipulated in this work – and therein lies the beauty of Ldetm’s Farewell – a romantic, albeit dark marriage between reality and dreaming, awake and asleep.

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