Carl Sagan’s Ghost – At the End of it All

Carl Sagan’s Ghost Bandcamp: Free Ambient/Electronic

I’ve been having a very close look at the netlabel scene lately and am finding some incredible music, i’ve gone on some sort of ambient fueled trip over the last week trying to get my hands on anything and everything I can. This album stood out particularly. I love the artwork, and most of Carl Sagan’s Ghost’s albums have incredible covers with colourful photographs that fit the music perfectly.

This ambient album is both warm and cold, deeply emotional and highly immersive. It’s an album that when you start you have to finish, and when you finish you kinda have to play it again. It’s continually interesting and challenging at the same time. The last 3 tracks stand out for me with some beautiful acoustic guitar, but the whole thing is quite nice. All of his albums are available for free under a creative commons license, so go ahead don’t feel bad and download till your hearts content. I may even make an ambient mix of his if I find some time later this week 😀

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