I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue

Ambient music has always been a genre of music that mystified me, found hard to understand and really enjoy. However the more time I spend with it the more rewarding it becomes, and with this release by I’ve Lost I felt something profoundly moving and fulfilling. Dissociative Fugue is made up of two tracks spanning 16 and 12 minutes respectively, built upon the manipulated sounds of electric guitar with heavy reverb and atmosphere that is second to none.

The first track Absence conveys a longing that only ambient music can I think, and I see the track going through four distinct movements. The first is a building phase, with slow, drawn out guitar and spaciousness filling a distant room moving into a second movement where a sense of humanity, almost as if someone is there in the distance but you can’t see their face. The third movement is where the connection with this nameless, faceless person is emboldened and a deep melancholia sweeps across the emotions. Finally the fourth movement is the loss, the individual you connected with is gone, and you are alone.

It is difficult to convey what I felt when I listened to this track, it was painful yet necessary, something that has to be felt in order to move on. It is frightening and deeply entrenched in melancholy, but it is beautiful. I hope you enjoy as much as I have, yet another quality release from the Feedback Loop Netlabel.

One Response to “I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue”
  1. Hi,

    glad you also liked this release 🙂


    Leonardo Rosado by FbL

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