Sustainable House Day

If there is one thing we are (pretty) sure of, it is that the sun will be there tommorow, it will be windy at some point in time in the near future and the the tides will continue to be pulled in and out from the shoreline. These are all viable and affordable (becoming more and more so) ways of powering your home completely independent on the reliance of coal and other dissipating energies.

September 12th marks the 9th annual Sustainable House Day in which you can find houses in your area that are either partly or completely self sufficient and reliant on their own generation of power and food. It is a great opportunity for those looking to build and run a sustainable house, and save money in the process. If you have a chance and are interested in saving money and reducing your impact on the planet that sustains us then get moving to your local sustainable house to meet the owners, discuss strategies and move forward into the future.

Locations of houses and details can be found at this site: Sustainable House Day

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