Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre



Equal parts folk and blues Timber Timbre have crafted an eerie, haunting and downright creepy record with this, their third foray into long players. The album draws influences from all over the place while still making a unique and engrossing sound as atmospherics and mood take centre stage and emphasis is placed on the beauty of simplicity rather than all out grandiosity.

The self titled album kicks off with Demon Host, a wistful ballad with subdued vocals (the vocals are subdued throughout, but they are potent in a nice way), soft acoustic guitar playing and the trademark reverb drenched sound that makes this album just scream darkness and mystery. A catchy vocal hook ensues as you find yourself becoming emersed in the song.

Virtually every song gives complexity a cold shoulder and relies on simple and extremely effective one, two punches to create high emotion and tension in every sense of the words. This is so wonderfully demonstrated in the subtle and haunting background vocals provided by Bruce Peninsula that linger in the air like ghosts in an old barn at night – almost as if the paranormal is seeping into your mind one song after the other. It is truly quite exquisite.

The ballad We’ll Find Out holds a theme of execution and once again makes use of the haunting backing vocals which would be so beautiful if they weren’t so eerie. While the essentially classic blues number Trouble Comes Knocking is drench in heavy reverb and southern jam feelings that play out till the last few seconds of the 6 minute long song.

This album really just has to be heard to be believed, while the denoumont isn’t the focus of the songs the beauty in small things like double drum beats before a vocal chorus or a chime in the background plugging away instantly tug the heart and capture the attention like nothing before. I’ve heard some people call this haunt-folk, and I couldn’t agree more.

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