Oskar Hallbert – 1123581321345589

Take 26 and a 1/2 minutes from your day and sit back while you enjoy this little gem. Oskar Hallbert is from the North of Sweden and works with various netlabels and limited distribution channels all over the world. That is about all I know about the man, but after acquainting myself with his music there is much more to be said.

This record, his first release on the Italian netlabel Zymogen, is glowing with warmth and intimacy. Hallbert’s lo-fi approach to field recordings with his mp3 player generates that feel, one you cannot reproduce with expensive software. His field recordings are taken from various places and media snippets that had influenced him in the recording timeframe. On top of these field recordings, emblazened with hiss, tape clicks, subtle winds and the like Hallbert layers what sounds to be a toy keyboard (child-like and innocent) with a juxtaposing trumpet which wails is disharmony but finds it’s way on track continually. Throw in the odd guitar and uke textile and you have a recipie for sounds of bliss.

At times you can feel him right there in front of you, and at others you can imagine him drifting away as he slips into the many improvisations presented on this album. A wonderfully warm and intimate treat is this record, and one that holds the effervescent charm of an old photograph, fading over time but reminding you of what was there.

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