Dth – Songs To Sleep Next To

Where I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day was an exposition in the psyche and an obliteration of ten ideas mashed into a few short and longer pieces of music Dth’s latest release, Songs to Sleep Next to is a trip into what goes on underneath the buzz of hectic swashes and elaborately puzzled collages. The title of the album keeps true as the cuts here present an opportunity to slow down and unwind, burning brightly but slowly are sounds of distant, hazy acoustic guitar, manipulated voices and bird chirps throughout the first two tracks which seem to couple each other over the ten minute running time.

Dth has given away the immediacy of his previous release for serene subtlety with an interest in pleasing the dedicated audiophile listener. You Are in the Grass drops some real heavy bass lows that unless paying attention to will fleet by without any notice, and the release is full of these sorts of ear trickery. This detail is fast becoming the cornerstone of the New Orlean’ native’s work, using stereo channels to great effect in all cases but most obviously in the collaboration with Chris Rehm in Honesty is God, a dark ambient number.

The use of extremely low and high frequencies make for an intriguing listen, but also a challenging one. ON the other hand however, this challenge needn’t be arduous and it may even come in the form of just letting the swells pass you by without a care. The record closes strongly with Staring Eyes, employing breezy vocals and a beautiful acoustic guitar enveloped in pops, hiss, fireworks and found sound nostalgia. This album truly is made up of songs to sleep next to.

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