Dustmotes – Beats for the Subverted

I found Dustmotes while perusing the Public Space Lab Netlabel and upon downloading his record I have been full of joy listening to this record. Running for a short 27 minutes it weaves it’s way with direct vinyl samples mixed and melded with cinematic bass and percussion. Crisp beats underscore the eternal warmth this record brings with it. It never loses contact with the listener, ensuring that at all times the music touches your psyche in a re-assuring way.

The record flows with concise beats and perfect sampling to please the ear. With littel progression, focus is placed on structure and evolving the sample’s above audible vinyl hiss and cracks. Shape shifting sounds and incorporating politcal vocal samples makes for an interesting, cinamtique sound scape of travel. I cannot recommend this enough.

Les Mains Sales follows the introductory track, complete with a steady and growingly fluctuating beat layered with sublime guitar, synth backdrops and the ever so slight crackle which adds depth and warmth to the recording. This is an album for headphones, stretched back in bed or an easy chair. Rising string samples complement the track intensely, rising and falling in between soft bass lines. The good thing is the rest of the album maintains this quality throughout, a testemant to the flow of Dustmotes.

Click on the artwork to take you to the Public Space Lab Netlabel where oyu can download this record for free.

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