Flying Lotus BBC Essential Mix – 11-29-2008

The BBC Radio 1 has had some incredible mixes over the years, and when you talk about finding the ‘essential’ mixes of all the essential mixes this one springs to mind. It divided a lot of people, all you have to do is visit a few sites and read the plethora of comments on this gem and you can see that some folks didn’t like the almost random nature, cut up and spliced beats, and distinct non-flow of the mix by consistantly incredible producer FlyLo. I would have to agree that it is incredibly random, but I feel that it flows just as well if not better than a regular essential mix. True to FlyLo form he gives you a taste and then he moves on, bestowing you with a touch of his brilliance or the brilliance of another who has impressed him, then he takes it away. I find this an incredible way to mix and create music, because he rarely dissapoints and seems to recognize that it is better to tease than to milk his beats.

3 Responses to “Flying Lotus BBC Essential Mix – 11-29-2008”
  1. Brian says:

    this is the frashnass. pretty hard to listen to all in one sitting but so worth it.

  2. Alex says:

    definately. it’s a long journey i agree haha

  3. J-Slyde says:

    One of my fav essential mixes by far. That and Hudson Mohawke’s would probably be my favourites. Genre bending shite.

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