The Dear Hunter Act I and II vinyl pre orders are go!

I don’t need to tell you how obsessed I am with The Dear Hunter. Very. The pre order for the Act I and II vinyl are up at Triple Crown records and it comes with a limited edition t-shirt at a very reasonable price considering the vinyl is a triple gatefold (i payed a pretty premium price for The Mars Volta’s Frances The Mute triple gatefold back in the day). Details below:

The Dear Hunter – Act I and Act II Triple Vinyl and T-Shirt Combo

***STREET DATE IS 6/29/10***

This Product comes with:
Limited Edition T-Shirt
Act I: The Lake South, The River North
Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
Triple Gatefold Vinyl Packaging
Download Card featuring acoustic versions of:
-Pimp and the Priest
-The Inquiry of Ms Terri
-The Oracles of the Delphi Express
-There The Road Parts
-What it Means to Be Alone

I cannot wait till this arrives, the only thing better than vinyl packaging is a triple gatefold vinyl package with all new artwork spread over a huge canvas. Very, very exciting. Street date is 6/29/10!

Purchase Here

5 Responses to “The Dear Hunter Act I and II vinyl pre orders are go!”
  1. thenoiseis says:

    That shirt is awful, I just want the vinyl.

  2. thenoiseis says:

    It’s like they are going for this huge shirt personality, but it just ends up awful. Cool shirts = simple designs.

  3. Alex says:

    completely agree with you there

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