CJ Boyd Sexxxtet – Fleur Du Mal

This band records, plays, takes press photos, and does everything else a normal band does – but they do it all naked. Yes nude. Have I got your attention? Exploring the nature of connection between musical form and sexuality this collective group of very talented musicians bare more than just their souls on this release. Below is a press photo of what you can expect:

Yes, they play nude but that is no good unless their tunes stack up. And they do. Just forget GY!BE are reforming for a second and tell you that any and all recomendations you had that were ‘similar’ to Godspeed were wrong and that this band should have been that rec. Their sound is expansive and the songs are long compositions of movements and thematics that meander and climax – much like sex itself. It’s earthy chamber music, driving string and Boyd’s trademark bass mastery are at show. They of course capture those ‘beautiful moments’ that Godspeed did so well – reflecting the dark, the sensual and the frenetic in a myriad of ways.

Their sound is rich, with multiple cellos, bass, percussion, some piano and harmonica and some violins but always intriguing and emotive. Mostly instrumental, but you will be suprised by the group chant in one of the tracks – absolutely intense.

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