Dream Diary 2.0 – Transit

Transit was very interesting, it was another dream based on fear. When I talk about fear I don’t neccesarily mean a personal fear of my own but a fear that is prevalent throughout society. The dream began at a bus stop with some friends whom I did not know but we were waiting for the 125 bus route. Not much happened here as we waited but the bus eventually did come, for some reason I remember having to run for the bus because it missed us, it eventually stopped and as soon as we got on another person joined us.

This person was my ex girlfriend. The bus ride was virtually non-existant, we got on and we got off. I followed her into the O-bahn terminal – evaluating the dream I suppose we were there because I had been there many times when we didn’t have our driver’s licenses. I followed her to her car, and hesitated to get in and i’m not too sure what was stopping me, whether it was her or the two people sitting in the back seat. They appeared to be elderly and turned towards me, it’s at this point I begin to run off as fast as I can.

I make my way up three stories of building, it was a multi story bus terminal. I was at the top and I went to the toilet, urinated and all of a sudden the foundations of the terminal began to shake – as powerful as an earthquake. I fell to my hands and knees to form a solid grip on the cement and it continued to shake. I felt the fear of heights wash over me as I waited for the 106 bus route to arrive. The 106-7 came and I decided to get on it, so I crawled towards the open doors and I see a lady aboard the bus in front of me.

The door closed and the bus drove off without me. That is all I remember.

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