Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

Requiring a late pass on this one. I was bombarded with constant talk about these guys over at The Comatorium and thought I should finally check out Parc Avenue. So Damn Good. The three piece constantly change things up and keep their songs interesting, 7 minute epics flow by with ease and melodies get caught in your head and stay there. Solid listen upon first encounter and i’m sure it will age well like a fine, fine wine. They just released the follow up to this record (La La Land) but i think i’ll let this one sit and digest before i move on…

I can’t really describe every sound they master on this record, but they do the following very, very well: Classic rock, folk, blues, jazz, western, soul, indie rock, throw in random genre here. Yeah, don’t sit on this, if you’re thinking about giving it a go just do it.

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  1. hi what is yo fb page?

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