Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – Sea Priest


These guys (and Gal) have certainly changed alot from when I blasted their debut ep “You Sieze the City, I’ll Sieze the Sky” four years ago. This band hails from my very own home town of Adelaide and have toured Australia crazy like over the last four years. This is their first full length record and it present a refreshed band dropping their fast paced dance punk roots for more technical indie punk flare. The female vocals were quite unexpected but work real well, and all the songs change tempo pretty well incorporating angular guitars, technical drumming and a warm bass line. Sometimes there will even be some nice keyboard shadowing the songs. Sorry for the lack of music lately, but hopefully this will satisfy some needs for a while!

One Response to “Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – Sea Priest”
  1. Danny says:

    hey dude, great to see some support for this amazing band in amongst your posts. keep it up!

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