RQTN – Monolithes En Mouvement

Been finding some really nice headphone music lately, the kind of stuff that is going to go great with the up coming Australian winter. RQTN (i’ve no idea what it stands for…) is one guy, and this is hard to believe when listening to his earlier more post-rock focused work. However on this release and I believe his latest (havn’t gotten round to that one yet) the French producer turns his trajectory to modern classical compositions heavy on strings, picturesque piano and the occasional drumbeat (which hits so unexpectadly you double take listening to some of these tunes). However it does work and if you think Saltillo I think you know what some of this stuff sounds like, complete with subtle electronics and soundscapes traversing around the organic sounds.

One Response to “RQTN – Monolithes En Mouvement”
  1. Mathieu says:

    Thank you for talking about RQTN. I’m glad Monolithes En Mouvement makes you feel that way.
    By the way, if you’re interested, I just released a new LP, “Decades And Decisions”, which could be listened entirely on http://www.rqtn.net .

    Mathieu – RQTN.

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