The Cinematic Orchestra – Late Night Tales

Oh, so perusing the blogosphere today and I saw this, been looking for new Cinematic Orchestra material ever since I saw them live last year (which was spell bounding BTW). However this is more of a mix than an album, with the Cinematic Orchestra picking out their favourite late night cuts and blending them all into a wonderful 19 track romp through cascading genres. Introducing the dusk is Flying Lotus slowly evolving electronic soundscapes for two minutes before morphing into Nick Drake and for the next 6 or so songs we are treated to some vivacious soul, jazz and Americana-tinged tunes plucked from yesteryear and pushed into a sequence of slow burning, night time concoctions. Sexual, sensual is the only way to describe the selections here.

Moving on to the next third the Cinematic Orchestra introduces some small interludes, 19 seconds short, but serving a good purpose as transitions between artsist like Thom Yorke and Bjork who offer some delictable electronic numbers and super hyped Burial makes an appearance. We are also treated to the tune Rose Rouge by downtempo jazz outfit St Germain, a seminal album conveying the night time scene so well. This record is a wonderful trip through night time tunes, songs you can sit back and relax to alone or with someone you love or people you love.

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