Afformance – A Glimpse to the Days That Pass

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So for my last post of March im going to highlight a brilliant recording, no package that I recieved in the mail a couple of days ago. I purchased a copy of Afformance’s debut album, released in physical form this year as a very limited run of hand-made, hand-painted, hand-numbered and hand folded packages. Each numbered edition carries with it different artwork making each copy unique to it’s owner which I think is simply amazing – the cover I have uploaded here is the cover I got and I just love it.

As for the music, Afformance play at times aggressive and at other times some really beautiful post-rock. They lean closer to the “rock” side of things, sticking with the basic guitar, bass, drum set up only straying to add some vocals in one track which serve more as an instrument than any defineable vocal styling. So, they hail from Greece, and I strongly suggest you purchase yourself a copy of one of these gems – I have number 18, and its pretty much stunning.

You can purchase form their myspace – limited to 500 copies – will ship worldwide!

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