Between the Buried & Me Live @ Fowlers, Adelaide 25/03/2010

Last night I attended one of the tightest, most energetic and intense shows I have ever seen. Rocking up at 7 may have been a mistake as the first band (Far West Battlefront) didn’t really hit any mark for me, with predicatble breakdowns and repititive chug chuga rhythms the only thing they managed to do was rumble my gut with the super heavy bass and percussion. So instead of paying too much attention I analysed the crowd a bit, and from what it looked like the true metal heads of Adelaide decided to show themselves in droves – and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for their faces that looked like busted arseholes, these guys could have been in a sunsilk shampoo add or something, becasue they take damn good care of their hair.

Next act in the line-up was Melbourne’s Sydonia, opening with a trio of percussion that resembled something like Taiko Japanese drumming but was obviously channeling some sort of quasi-Slipknot theme, luckily for Sydonia they had a pretty decent vocalist hitting everything from screaming to falsetto pretty well – and they seemed like nice guys too – chatting and joking with the crowd.

Waiting for BTBAM was sort of like the calm before the storm, there wa ssomething in the air of the Fowler’s venue that suggessted somethign awesome was going to unfold before us. As the band sound checked and set up they hardly acknowledged the crowd – calls of “BTBAM!” and yelps from every direction were met with emotionless faces. I was worried. Maybe they were burnt out by the travel or the show from the previous night, maybe they weren’t going to bring their a-game tonight.

My slight worries were completely blown out of the water as Tommy gave a genuine hello to the moderate Adelaide crowd and the band went instantly into Obfuscation and Disease, Injury, Madness from their latest effort – The Great Misdirect. The sound was flawless inside the small venue, with every instrument sharing it’s part of the soundstage a thunderous number of trojan horses seemingly pummelled towards the mosh – but these monoliths were racing in the form of thunderous guitars, scintilating bass rhythms, frenetic drumming and of course Tommy’s unique growls and crowd taunts.

The setlist was a ridiculously strong one, mixing in older material (More of Myself to Kill and Selkies: The Endless Obsession) and even some material from Colors (oh yes did I want Color’s material). As Tommy introduced Ants of the Sky the mosh went nuts, this is what people had been waiting for – the metal song of 2007. During the 13 minute epic we were treated to eloqent calms which transformed into blistering thunderous walls of sound and everything in between – including the intensely fun hoe down (yes, people actually hoed down during it). The band’s mastery of their instruments was impressive, fingers navigated fret boards like spider legs and Octopus like complexity from Blake Richardson’s drum kit expertise. It was a monument to watch, interesting for the technical music fan but also engaging for the metal head in all of us. The show just got bigger, with BTBAM playing the drawcard White Walls, and as the infamous “Circle” breakdown neared, the mosh gathered intensity with everyone group screaming one of the most memorable live show moments of my life.

Closing with Mordecai and the band went out in style with a short but sweet closing track – blaming the Adelaide thursday night curfew for the short show, but they did play for almost an hour and twenty minutes – and for 45 dollars (plus supporting acts) I don’t think anyone was complaning. From the extremeties of metal music BTBAM delivered an extremely tight and intense show, combined with a great crowd (who knew when to mosh and when not to) this was a show to remember, and we can only hope that our hospitality to this great band can see them return very, very soon.

4 Responses to “Between the Buried & Me Live @ Fowlers, Adelaide 25/03/2010”
  1. Scott says:

    I was worried about the sound for the show since Sydonia just seemed to lack punch. BtBaM’s was really good though, everything was always clear except for the vocals on one or two occasions. God damn I love their bassist.

    While I wouldn’t say I was disappointed by the setlist, and it’s probably my fault for not knowing pre-Colors material, I think I would have liked some different stuff. Ants in the Sky was great, but they ended up played my two least favorite TGM tracks, and I think it’s just cruel to play the first chord of Prequel to the Sequel and not play it, hehe. Great night though.

  2. Alex says:

    The sound was good, i was worried it lacked a little bit of punch but i think they had to forgo that as their material is very dense , which i didnt mind. Oh yeah he’s probably one of the greatest bass players ive ever seen, it was incredible to watch his fingers work it so technically, and it just looked so comfortable – for all of them.

    Im not too familiar with pre-colors material either, so i was kinda lost and yeah that prequel tease was just mean – but in saying that i went there expecting to hear nothing from colors and we got ants in the sky AND white walls (tbh closing on white walls woulda been better than Mordecai but meh – was a great show overall.

  3. Chris says:

    Ants in the fucking Sky. That is all.

  4. Alex says:

    haha yeah, it was mindblowing 😀

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