Dth – I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Dth’s 20 minute work of cut and paste, collage inspired experimental ambient/electronic musings and to be quite honest I really have little idea which direction I can take this review in. I really feel I need to go down the song-bysong road as my thoughts on each individuals song are quite extensive, however in lieu of time constraints I may have to shorten my thoughts on this collection of five aurally stimulating and contemplative pieces. So without further adieu…

Track One: [ ! ]

I could not formulate an initial reaction to any of the songs on this record, there is literally way too much to process. Upon deep thought and many a listen my thoughts have found their place in the realm of schizophrenia. Dth’s cut and paste stylistic choice in this track is frantic and immediate, voices dart in and out of conciousness being cut off and manipulated and you never really are given a coherent, meaningful slice of the voices. This song to me reflects inner torment from incomplete voices, the eeriness of the unknowing accompanied with a vague sense of intrique with the wash of electronic reverberation in behind the samples.

Track Two: Im Squeaking Everywhere

Also clocking in at 1:35 this track is driven by an acoustic guitar melody with glitch laden blips and beeps. Once again the voice samples appear except this time around we are treated to a little more dialogue. I get the sense the Dth wants you to really listen to the voice samples, he wants you to take notice and not to just let them flitter by without recognition. The shout of “empathy” and the line “you want me to get close to you?” invoke the feeling of human connection and even moreso the monologue describing what seems to be an artificial human being reminds us that we are real and what we face in life is real.

Track Three: I Always Feel Like Crying (For Mom)

A beautiful soundscape accompanies the nostalgia filled samples of a mom with her kids, warmth and kindness fills the song.  It’s at this point where Dth lulls you into a false sense of security, the security you found in your parents as a child is gone and now you face the world and everything it has to throw at you which is elquontly expressed through the monologue at the end which is to put it simply painful,

“It’s like…i’m never really here…i’m always back there and…I can’t deal with the fact that things happen…and then they don’t…”

This transition into existentiallistic themes is a large shift, but it also highlights how Dth doesn’t just pick a myriad of samples and rolls with it, it seems there is a definitive reason for the placement, execution and selection of his samples.

Track Four: I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day

For each track that passes we get more of a glimpse of the individuals being showcased in this record. Laughter, children, men and women expose themselves throughout the next 5 minutes of this song with every emotion imagineable. Despite the diversity I can’t help but feel the messages being sent. The light acoustic manipulations provide the perfect backdrop for the voice snipets. I can;t pull myself away from the samples though, they tug at you and the what seems to be a lecture given to students moulds the story together explaning that we care for a friends and family but what about other people? People we do not know and will never see? This song delivers that message that we should care for everyone. I was profoundly affected by this track.

Track Five: Humans Are Like Ripples

The 8 minute closer is an ambient dreamscape joined with people rating how they feel out of ten, while the conept may seem strange and boring it holds your attention from start to finish. You’ve learnt to really listen to people and understand them and what you see here is how people perceive their problems, their positions in life and their life around them. It is as if Dth is channelling the theories of Beck and cognitive psychology, or of Aristotle and early philosophies on perception and reality.

I can’t begin to imagine the thought process that goes into the mere twenty minutes that these five songs flow through, but I love how the 20 minutes has given me an endless amount of imaginative and subjective interpretation of placement of voices, the editing and manipulation of sounds and the combination of these two realms of art. Amazing.

3 Responses to “Dth – I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day”
  1. Steven R. says:

    Wow, interesting review. I got a more cheery view out of the first two tracks but agree with you on the other three. Definitely a different kind of music. Love it!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Steven, thanks for reading – I agree it is definitely a wonderfu listen and slightly left field – but the emotion is still there. A great record

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