Caravan Palace – Caravan Palace

So once again I am notoriously late, these guys toured here for WOMAD last year and just like how I missed a great opportunity with Beirut I also missed a great opportunity to see these guys play. After browsing some Parov Stelar similar artist’s on Lastfm the other day I decided to actually follow up on one of the suggestions as when I do they are generally promising.

So ok, some background info on this band…well…three of the members originally wrote scores for silent porno films, so I guess from that you can already tell you are in for a treat. Caravan Palace make me feel like I am getting a lap dance from the most luxurious, tassled frenzy burlesque bimbo in the 1930’s French underground scene. Swindling together jazz, swing, scat, rhythmic pulsing grooves that harken back to the golden era of Bougouis France and adding some modern spice with electro tendencies here and there – think of them as a more Charelston Parov Stelar with plenty of attitude. So pick this one up and get down.


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