Portugal. The Man – American Ghetto

From the word of my mouth to yours, and from yours to others and from others to everyone – this record from the outside looking in has been somewhat of an experiment of sorts. P.TM have decided to leave promotion up to the fans witholding the album from all forms of media and instead inviting music bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, myspacers and whatever else you can think of to promote the record through word of mouth alone.

American Ghetto has it’s very own feel, a cool vibe that is sometimes and dark and sometimes light traversing on the line between these two colours trepidatiously but still staying well defined. The Dead Dog carries a heavy beat while All My People and The Pushers Party will leave you wanting to press the repeat button. The album closes with When The War Ends displaying bright colours and joy to close what at times is a very introspective (lyrically) and dark album.

You can buy the record/limited edition cd/vinyl/mp3/t-shirt for fucking ridiculously low prices at the location below – spread the word, American Ghetto is here.


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