Fang Island – Fang Island

As the USA snaps in a freeze bucket us folks down in Australia don’t remember the feeling of cold on the skin, and this fact is only intensified with Fang Islands latest self titled release full of positivity and rainbows. You could go as far to say that Fang Island’s main objective with this album was to cure Seasonal Affective Disorder – the onset of depression during the cold and dark winter, but what they’ve done for me here in super hot Adelaide is raise the temperature a little and make me wanna go sprinting as fast as I possibly can to the beach and dance like a mad motherfucker.

Walking up the steps of my house this sunny morning I saw a package in my letterbox – contained within was Fang Island’s new release along with a very very nice feeling t-shirt inside (soft on the nips fellas) – I hastly ripped open the package and popped the cd into the car stereo – greeting me with the sound of fireworks in the distance seemingly hinting at the fanfare to ensue over the next glorious 31 minutes of my life. Dreams of Dreams segues through to Careful Crossers and immediately im overcome with a sense of joy. I have this overwhelming sense to go climb a motherfucking mountain.

Daisy follows which by now i’ve played at least 50 times since it’s release a while back on the Sargent House sampler/Haiti donation Cd. Complete with gang vocals soaring and the sound of three harmonious guitars thrown in a blender to make the most wonderful tasting music smoothy you’ll ever have – fuck off frappe’s this is what happiness is. The quirky Life Coach allows for somewhat of a rest from the fast pace until we hit Sideswiper (my personal favourite so far) – believe me, if any of you skinny music nerds out there think you can’t go toe to toe with a gorilla after this song then your just not full of the right stuff. Ending with a climactic romp we move onto The Illinoise and Treeton complete with soaring gang vocals and ridiculously fun melodies you could almost forgive someone for tearing up their bedroom apart while listening to.

Davey Crocket chimes in with an almost 3 and a half minute build up – but it is so so very worth it for the ending. Welcome Wagon and Dorian round out the short but oh so sweet album closing with the same very fireworks that kicked the biggest party album of the year off. It’s almost saddening when this album ends, I feel like it’s the last day of school and all of a sudden a montage of my life flashes by – but it’s one filled with joy and happiness and I think a great way to sum up this band and album is that no matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing – do it with a big ass smile on your face.

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