Yeasayer – Odd Blood

Odd Blood really is a tease, opening with 6 amazing tracks full of classic synth pop with quirky oddities and sing along tunes and then the record turns into something different, something I just can’t appreciate or understand. I think if Yeasayer continued with the amazingly catchy formula they employed in the first half of the record they would have thoroughly impressed me, however I still recomend this record purely for it’s first half, just don’t expect much from the disjointed, lost and seemingly jumbled tracks from 7-11.

The record opens with “The Children” employing heavy vocal effects and a spaced out jam that slowly burns into a final guitar solo piece, in my opinion a great way to open an album. Then we find ourselves exploring the lead single “Ambling Alp” which for me is everything a good pop song should be, it didn’t hit me right away but after 1 or so minutes of listneing I HAD to listen to the rest of the song, and I did, many…many times. Moving on to the almost Dredg like “Madder Red” with ‘ooo’s and ahh’s’ abound and thne onto the 80’s tinged “I Remember” harking back to the days of Devo and The Cure with strong vocal performances and a slow burning synth plane. The final song to round out the stronger side of the album is ‘ONE” another tune akin to Ambling Alp that is catchy, infections and bordering on experimental pop. Unfortunately folks, it is only downhill from here.  A very top heavy album here but the top is certainly enough to make you forget how it ends at the bottom.

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