Maudlin of the Well – Part the Second

I feel like posting some Toby Driver related stuff because Willy Wonker Hates You did and because Toby Driver can bust out some amazing shit. Part the Second was a long time coming and was made possible by many generous fans donating to the records production. The album is offered for free because of this, and it is one hell of a record.

I won’t go through the ordeal of stating the track titles – they are ridiculously long and pretentious, but I feel MotW deserve to name songs as they do because the tracks are full of awesome. From the blissful strings and sax on track two to the stoner/sludge metal infused nature of the closing track. There is just so much to take in with every single listen. Give it a go, it is free!

One Response to “Maudlin of the Well – Part the Second”
  1. Chris says:

    Looks good, will probably grab this later on this week (still got a couple of other albums I want to digest beforehand).

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