Avishai Cohen – Flood

It’s hard to find anyone that will disagree with the notion that the trumpet is an instrument of beauty, elegance and emotion – seemingly translating from notes to spoken word and easily transposing a scene or a picture into sounds. However, to be able to use this instrument properly you have to possess skill, this skill is enigmatically displayed and flirted with all over Avishai Cohen’s extensive discography. None more so than on his second installment of the big rain trilogy.

Working backwards, Cohen began with After the Big Rain, a rollicking meditation surrounding nature’s beauty following the flood, briskly painting strokes of watercolour brushes across his musical landscape with moments of brilliant improvisation and touches of serene soundscapes. On this release Cohen strips back his sound to include on a piano, minimalist percussion and of course his muted and open, oft times effect laden trumpet. Cohen conveys the beauty in a flood from nature’s perspective in his compositions rather than the terror that is often seen from a human perspective. The record opens with deft piano ushering in light percussion tapping away in the background before Avishai’s trumpet chimes in. Almost as if meditating on an aspect of nature you become engrossed in the clarity and connection felt betweent he players as they feel out territory and work on specific ideas eminating from one another.

With tracks ranging from 2 minutes to fifteen then is room for expansion and introspection, with solo trumpet abodes and fully fledged almost free jazz explorations. Bring on the first installment I say.

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