The Mars Volta – Sydney, 20/01/10 @ Hordern Pavillian

So, on Wednesday night I saw The Mars Volta for the fourth time in my life. It was awesome. Opening with Son Et Lumiere/Inertiatic ESP was something that I would never thought I would ever see. It was a pretty jam packed set with cuts from all their records bar Tremulant, but the band really shined throughout the jams of Eriatarka and especially Cicatriz ESP where excitement could not be contained when Elitch conjured up a massive closing groove that hand Juan, Omar and company grinning from ear to ear.

Mastodon were watching closely to the side of the stage whole show and Cedric appeared to have a lot of fun interacting with Mastodon’s singer, almost coming to tears of laughter during Roulette which was pleasant to watch as I always thought he was such a seirous guy. Omar was on point with his guitar work, from frenetic work during Viscera Eyes, L’via L’viaquez and Goliath to his middle eastern inspired tones during the extended cuts. Cedric, although flat at some points was amazing and didnt fail in giving me chills on numerous occasions.

Dissapointments were little however I couldn’t hear Ikey at all, and the band sorely missed Adrian’s Sax during the Amputechture material. I was extremely impressed with the new drummers dynamics, hitting the drums with brute force but also with delicate touch during the quieter moments of the set. Once again this band justifies my flying interstate to see them solo.

2 Responses to “The Mars Volta – Sydney, 20/01/10 @ Hordern Pavillian”
  1. Scott says:

    Wow you flew interstate? Glad it was worth it.

    “Mastodon’s singer”
    Which one? 😛

  2. Alex says:

    haha yeah he doesnt really sing, more of a growl lol

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