Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs

I think i’m in love. The kind of love that when you think/dream/see it you just smile. To be quite honest with you, I am only on the fifth track of my first listen and I am captivated, in fact I fear that this record will just ruin music altogether because it is so amazing that nothing else will meet it’s rigirous standards.

Emancipator’s first effort ‘Soon it will be Cold Enough’ was a winter anthem, a frosty embarkment upon a ship sailing into the dense mist, while ‘Safe in the Steep Cliffs’ creeps slowly through the night begging to be played when the sun goes down, comfortably shrouding any sense of danger but not afraid to take you on that journey where things might not go as planned. Take the seemingly restrained aggression of  ‘Old Devil’ with it’s plucking of banjo and intense violin all carried by a heavy beat crafted from the tears of butterflies.

It was as if Emancipator had read my mind and laid out everything that I wanted in this record, from the emotive almost classic rock guitar leads in ‘Nevergreen’ to the sombre and soft saxaphone passages in ‘Black Lake’…never have I encounted something of such beauty. I will not be providing a link to this record, solely because this record DESERVES your ten dollars. Click on the album art to purchase and enjoy responsibly.

Alex Stretton

One Response to “Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs”
  1. Anon says:

    “The kind of love that when you think/dream/see it you just smile”…. sounds epic

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