Cursive – Mama, I’m Swollen

I didn’t get why there was so much hate for Happy Hollow, the band Cursive’s previous release to this, their latest effort. Happy Hollow made for a fun, emotional and really ‘different’ kind of aggresive indie rock – full of blistering horn sections with an amalgamous array of instrumentation. For Cursive’s latest outing which was released early 2009 they have stripped their sound way back, to the point where any variation usually comes in the form of keys and synths. Not that I am complaining.

To be precise, this album is solid. It’s seriously passionate (Tim Kasher’s vocals have always been a selling point to me about this band, and on this record Kasher shines). The guitars are loud and screechy, punchy and energetic, as is the rest of the band. Highlights for me included the extremely fun “From the Hips” and as always Cursive know how to close an album with style and “What I’ve Done’ is no exception of this. Kasher’s lyrics usually follow the self loathing kind with lines like ‘I spent the best years of my life…waiting on th ebest years of my life…so what’s there to write about?’

I like it, and if you have enjoyed Cursive for th emost part of their years, so will you.

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