Bark Cat Bark – Selected Piano Works


I have always wanted to have Bark Cat Barks piano works in one nice little collection. So what did I do? I made one myself! You really just have to let yourself sink into his playing, it carries emotion with ease and Todd’s ability to create light, darkenss and everything in between is immaculate. I have included most of his solo piano pieces from a range of his releases including A Lifi, Mathilde, The Final Letters and even a few hard to find demo tracks. Please enjoy elegantly.

5 Responses to “Bark Cat Bark – Selected Piano Works”
  1. Ralf Wiggum says:

    He stole a song and sold it under his name.
    He’s a thief.
    The song is Coffre-Fort, is available on his facebook page and on itunes and he claim it as its own.
    He didn’t even bothered to change the recording. The song is available on Eli et Papillon myspace page. Marc Papillon and Elise Larouche wrote played and recorded the song…

    Please Pass the word.
    It’s artistic rape.

  2. Mark says:

    Could you upload it again please?
    Would really like to hear that, thanks 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    hi everyone who has asked for re-ups. I tried to upload and it failed on three attempts. I would have kept trying but I have come to a ground where i do not feel it is appropriate to upload. It has been proven that Bark Cat Bark (aka Josh Todd) has stolen several songs off other artists and claimed them to be his own – as I can not guarantee that these compositions are his I feel it is my moral obligation to not distribute them under his name.

    I have deleted Bark Cat Bark from my itunes and library after I was contacted by the french pop duo Eli et Papillion about the song theft – it saddened me greatly and has prevented me from enjoying any BCB releases.

    I hope you understand why I have not re-uploaded this compilation.



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