These Arms are Snakes – Oxeneer or the Lion Sleeps When It’s Antelope Go Home

Sadly news has surfaced of These Arms Are Snakes disbanding, so I thought I would share an album that grabbed my attention some years ago. TAAS are an aggresive bunch of lads who seriously turn up the intense meter to 11. They are what post-hardcore is, energetic, fast paced, slightly experimental and heavy as fuck. Their ambitiously titled debut album opens with “The Shit Sister’s” showcasing the heavy distortion and fuzzed out bass that they pin to their name. The song is frenetic and serves only as a teaser for what is to come.

“Angela’s Secret” blazes away with an infectious drive of bass and sporadic drumming before exploding into an all out scream fest chorus and time signature changes galore. Mid way the listener is treated to what you could call a ‘rest’ in “Your Pearly Whites” opening with solemn guitar and deft taps of hi hats eventually morphing into what seems to be even a poppy number with synths coming from the right and the guitar plugging away in the left. And then things take a turn with a cathartic ending that has taken 3 minutes to reach but it was all worth it with crashing guitars and a wall of sound smashing you in the face. Holy shit this song is good.

This is a great album for post-hardcore and I think is a very nice portrait of a very good band. For those of you who don’t know, the bass player of TAAS is pretty much the full time bass player for Russian Circles now, so if you havn’t already, check them out as well.

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