Mercury Radio Theatre – The Death and Life of the Undead Boy

SO I cannot find a link to this anywhere, hopefully i’ll upload it at uni this week. This album was suggested to me probably two years ago on the Mars Volta forum where they had an ‘Album of the Day’ thread in which users would be selected ot post obscure and unknown artists album’s and review them. So i checked this record out, and it was in fact very obscure and very different.

Mercury Radio Theatre are often touted for their insane live shows with intense costumes, background imagery and madness and I can really see that happening with this record. It follows the story of Victor, a boy in school who has been rejected by all his friends. Each track is followed by a naration of the story and introduces the next song. Musically, it is a thrash punk exhibition, wiht fast paced guitar and bass work, sporadic drumming and every now and then the fresh sound of keyboard is thrown in (but not to an excessive level). It is dancy, run around and go bat-shit-crazy music but it is also well played, with restraint when required and insanity when expected which makes for a really enjoyable, if not raw listen.

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