Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs

Wow, this was unexpected. Here is a bit of news for you Emancipator fans out there, his long awaited follow up to the brilliant Soon it will be Cold Enough will be released on January 19th! I seriously cannot wait for this! If you havn’t already done so check out his first record HERE and also check out his new track right now HERE!!!

“Emancipator’s new album, “Safe In The Steep Cliffs,” will confound them further. Each track forges into new territory, blending the signature Emancipator style of immaculately-produced melodies and syncopated rhythms with new instrumentation and organic samples. Dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, violin and some distinct Asian influences make for a playful but aurally mesmerizing second album from this subtle beatmaster.”

2 Responses to “Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs”
  1. Scott says:

    Too often I leave this site with another band I plan to listen to.

  2. Alex says:

    haha i really think you’d like this one, very Saltillo-like 🙂

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