Charles Mingus – Ah Um

After listneing to The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady I knew I had to at some point discover further Mingus greats, and this record is something special. This album recorded in 1959 is ridiculously energetic and fun, makes you want to boogy in your chair it’s that good. I won’t write much about it, but I will say that if you are at all considering a foray into the HUGE world of jazz music, make this your first reference point for some seriously wonderful music.

“Oooo this band was really listening to each other and diggin’ the hell out of it”

Lesterthedog ( user)

2 Responses to “Charles Mingus – Ah Um”
  1. Chris says:

    Nice, I’ve been scouring JB Hifi for this for quite some time.

  2. Alex says:

    Even jbhifi with their relatively large range seem to have very little Mingus in their catalogue, with an overabundance of Miles and Coltrane (not that there is anythign wrong with that haha)

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