Bark Cat Bark – The Final Letters

It is with great sadness that I post the final album by Bark Cat Bark, also known as Josh Todd. The Final Letters mark the end of a trip through century old European folk, classical, pop, tropicalia, calypso, modern classical, solo piano, super multi instrumentalist, post-rock, post-anything, post-music. Josh Todd and his many other alias’s traversed an incongruous line between so many genres and did so even on his LP’s creating heterogenous masterpieces that played more like a soundtrack to a mystical world than to any specific mantra.

The Final Letters closes this seemingly short journey with both sides of emotion, Todd brings the devoted listener in with upbeat tracks and downrigth depressing swells in melancholia. The album art suggests of a life without colour, a life half lived, a life where the future is completely unclear. Thankfully Bark Cat Bark fills this bleak existence with colour as he continues another tangent of his journey after music – wherever that may take you Josh, may it be splendid.

*Author note* I was, for a long time at odds with listening to Josh’s music, I’d sent him money to purchase an album of his which never arrived. However, growing past this I realise that that money may have helped him realize his final albums beyond A Lifi which he has generously offered for free download at his blog. And I thank him for that *end note*

5 Responses to “Bark Cat Bark – The Final Letters”
  1. Ralf Wiggum says:

    Bark Cat Bark is actually making money with a song he stole from a friend of mine. The song is Coffre Fort, and according to him, he wrote the song and a gril called Béatrice Larouche sang it. He litteraly stole the song, without even bothering with changing anything to it and published it under his name. 650 peoples already bought this song from iTunes and I think Bark Cat Bark is a thief. The original player and composer of that is Eli et Papillon and the song can easily be found, under the same name.

    Pass the word.
    I think it’s plain artistic Rape.

    • Alex says:

      Im checking this out now, Bark Cat Bark aka Josh Todd has wronged me before, and if this is true then i think ill call it quits, he must have some serious issues

      • Lee says:

        Hey Alex,

        Thanks for the comment on my post. I got the exact same comment as you, except for a different name entirely. So honestly, I’m not sure who to believe, though I do sincerely think that whoever is out to get him is doing it through many different aliases themselves, which raises even more questions.

        Let’s see if you and I, as bloggers, can get to the bottom of this! Haha.

        Knox Road

  2. Alex says:

    Haha well I guess we’ll do our best, its a very touchy issue all of this though, thanks for getting back to me.



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