The Middle East – Recordings of the Middle East

There is a distinct lack of Australian music on this blog. The Middle East have come to rectify this fact, and have done so with their 2008 release ‘Recordings of the Middle East’. An abridged version was released overseas as an EP in October this year and has ever so slightly gained them some noteriety – hell they are playing shows all down the east coast with Grizzly Bear (you lucky east coasters).

This record is an enigma to me, they seem to combine everything i love about folk, ambient and post-rock into one neat package. I’m treated to the wonderful vocal melodies and interplays between female and male voice (think Anathallo), the spaced out folkings of Grizzly Bear and the poetic lyricism of Bon Iver – then throw in some seriously Sigur Ros-esque anthemic build ups and vocals to end the record. Who would have thought that a band such as this could arise from Australia? Please enjoy.

2 Responses to “The Middle East – Recordings of the Middle East”
  1. thenoiseis says:

    “Lonely” is so beautiful and epic.

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